Forward publisher resigns from the Claims Conference
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Forward publisher resigns from the Claims Conference

Sam Norich is publisher of the Forward and president of the Forward Association. He’s also been on the board of directors of the Claims Conference for 10 years (as a representative of the Jewish Labor Committee). Awkward. Well not anymore.

He’s just published a piece titled, “Why I resigned from the Claims Conference board — and why you should care“:

Some self-serving Israeli politicians and American lawyers have besieged the Claims Conference for years, accusing its leaders of corruption or worse. Those are lies. But the organization’s own ombudsman and two of its senior board members have now verified mismanagement and negligence in 2001 that allowed the costly fraud to persist for more than a decade. I regret that the board didn’t force the necessary reckoning within top leadership this week. But I believe, with complete faith, that it will yet come.

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