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Elsewhere: Rabbi’s bipolar episode, Jews who love baseball, Israeli hockey coexistence

Hungary, France and anti-Semitism: Georgette Bennett relates her personal “tale of two countries” in light of rising anti-Semitism in Hungary and France. (Huffington Post)
Jews who love baseball: Jewish baseball stars form role models, and heroes, for American Jews. (Tablet)
The Millennial Jewish question: For Jews born after 1980, the question “who is a Jew” is more often replaced with “why be a Jew?”  (N.J. Jewish News)
Hockey, Israel, and coexistence: A pioneering hockey school in Israel is gathering together Jews, Muslims and Druse to hit the ice. (N.Y. Times)
A rabbi’s bipolar struggle: Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski, who was arrested last year during a manic episode in Westchester, shares what he’s learned since being diagnosed.  (N.Y. Jewish Week)