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Elsewhere: Portland’s Purim battle, Malamud in the pantheon?, Queen Esther in Iowa

Jews and Muslims on college campuses: Imam Abdullah Antepli, a Muslim chaplain at Duke University, describes the vital importance of Muslim-Jewish relations on the college campus. (Huffington Post)

A Purim battle in Portland: A synagogue in Portland has a venerable hamantaschen-making tradition — but is it enough to intimidate its competition? (Wall Street Journal)

Malamud and the Library of America: Cynthia Ozick reviews the Library of America’s new Bernard Malamud collections, which may secure his place in the pantheon of venerated American Jewish writers.  (N.Y. Times)

Queen Esther in Iowa: Atar Hadari examines the Book of Esther, and how it connects with Rodgers and Hammerstein and Ronald Reagan.  (Mosaic)