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Elsewhere: Gaza vs. Hamas, haredi birthing coaches, let Fatah-Hamas rule

Let Fatah-Hamas rule: The unity government that was condemned by Israel may in fact be the Jewish state’s best chance at finding peace, Akiva Eldar writes. (Al Monitor)

Gaza vs. Hamas: Palestinians need to help get rid of Hamas and demilitarize Gaza, Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid writes. (Ynet)

Does Hamas prefer occupation?: Proponents of a two-state solution should support Israel’s fight against Hamas, which seeks to perpetuate rather than end Israel’s military rule over the West Bank, Gadi Taub writes. (Forward)

South Africa and ‘apartheid:’ The University of Cape Town’s vote for a resolution supporting BDS has some Jewish students concerned about bans on Jewish student organizations and other tensions on campus. (Times of Israel)

Haredi birthing coaches: Haredi Orthodox men are not allowed to touch their wives during childbirth and postpartum, so many pregnant women are turning to Orthodox doulas for emotional, mental and spiritual support. (Tablet)