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is JTA’s Associate Director of Outreach and Partnerships. Follow him on Twitter: @hypersem


  • Project to shore up ground beneath Auschwitz synagogue

    A project to reinforce the ground beneath the only synagogue at the Auschwitz memorial and state museum will begin this spring.

  • Jewish gun violence victims among State of the Union guests

    A number of Jewish victims and relatives of gun violence will attend President Obama’s fifth State of the Union address to Congress. More than twenty gun violence victims will attend as guests of various members of Congress, including: [[READMORE]] Gabrielle Giffords, former Arizona congresswoman who was shot in the head at a 2011 rally and…

  • A kippah clip fit for Bear Grylls

    If Bear Grylls needed a kippah clip, he’d choose this one. The LeatherDOS, designed by Holon Institute of Technology student Yaacov Goldberg, doesn’t stop at fastening your skullcap to your hair. [[READMORE]] The product features a knife on one side, a ruler on the other plus three screwdriver heads, a wrench and a trolley coin…

  • TIMELINE: Pope Benedict XVI and the Jews

    The announcement of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation came as a surprise the world over. Below is a look back at highlights of his eight-year papacy, which included more than a few noteworthy clashes with the Jewish community. 1987 — Catholic-Jewish relations shaken by a comment published in an Italian magazine that Judaism "finds its fulfillment"…

  • U.S. presidents in Israel

    The White House announced last week that President Obama will make his inaugural visit to Israel as commander in chief, which would make him the fifth to do so while in office. Richard Nixon was the first American president to visit Israel in 1974, arriving the day after announcing the resumption of diplomatic relations between…

  • People of the Tweet: Bar Refaeli’s Bar Mitzvah boy, Jewish strip clubs, Obama Israel fuss

    Go Daddy gave that to me as a Bar Mitzvah present <3 — YA BOY WALT (@GO_DADDY_WALT) February 4, 2013 The list of recent presidents not to have visited Israel — Ford, Reagan, GHW Bush, Obama — is about to lose a member. (Ht @peterbakernyt) — David Leonhardt (@DLeonhardt) February 5, 2013 [[READMORE]] Happy birthday…

  • Skip the chuppah, reverend, we’re in a hurry

    Harry Salpeter’s true 1934 love story — about two young Jews in such a hurry to get married that they found a reverend to perform the ceremony — was a hit with JTA’s Jewish Daily Bulletin readers. "How about a reverend?" And to a reverend they went, not knowing his denomination, and they asked him to…

  • News anchor’s shiva ‘shlip’-up

    Fox 5 NY anchor Dari Alexander has an unfortunate tongue-twister while reporting the shiva of NYC mayor Ed Koch: [[READMORE]] JTA’s obituary of Koch here. For a timeline of JTA’s coverage of Koch, click here. (h/t Harry Searing)

  • HIAS appoints Mark Hetfield as CEO and president

    Mark Hetfield was named president and CEO of HIAS, the global migration agency of the American Jewish community.

  • Israeli woman fights Tel Aviv City Hall

    Good Israeli entrepreneurship: electric cars. Bad Israeli entrepreneurship: Tel Aviv municipal workers painting a handicap parking space around your legally-parked car and then towing it. [[READMORE]] Victim Hila Ben Baruch didn’t accept her vehicle’s fate without a fight. Rather than pay $366 dollars in fines and towing fees, she procured security camera footage and posted it…