A kippah clip fit for Bear Grylls


If Bear Grylls needed a kippah clip, he’d choose this one.

The LeatherDOS, designed by Holon Institute of Technology student Yaacov Goldberg, doesn’t stop at fastening your skullcap to your hair.


The product features a knife on one side, a ruler on the other plus three screwdriver heads, a wrench and a trolley coin crammed in. It currently retails for $8.38-$11.50 on Etsy.

A fanciful version of the item by the same name was spotted and translated by Israel blogger The Muqata in 2010.

But now the commando kippah clip is out to market, and has Goldberg — a secular Jew, by the way — big plans for the future. Translating a recent Hebrew-language article on Israeli news site NRG, Muqata unclips a possible next-direction for Goldberg:

One day he believes his clip will become the common one for kippa wearers, and he would even want to combine it with USB/disk on key functionality. Goldberg says he needs to consult with a rabbi about the possible “muktza” issues for wearing a USB kippa clip on shabbat (or a multi-tool clip).

If Bear Grylls kept kosher, he would have to buy a few replacement LeatherDOS knife-clips in advance, especially if he continues to skin non-kosher seals to make wet suits.

Viewer discretion advised.

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