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  • Hey, ZOA, tell us what you really think about Hagel

    Subject line from ZOA’s email responding to Chuck Hagel’s confirmation: Deeply Troubled That U.S. Senate Confirmed Iran/ Terror Group Apologist, Anti-Israel, Incompetent Hagel for Secy. Defense

  • ‘Jewish Jocks’ — plenty of Jews, not enough jocks (What would Howard Cosell say?)

    A new anthology from Franklin Foer and Marc Tracy celebrates Jewish athletes, and the role of Jews in sports.

  • Beren loses quadruple overtime thriller

    Beren Academy, which made international headlines last year with its battle to avoid a forfeit in the Texas state boys’ basketball tournament over a Sabbath scheduling conflict, lost a quadruple overtime game in the state semifinals.

  • Daily Show: Dov Hikind’s black face is a war on Purim

    Jon Stewart & Co. have some fun with Dov Hikind’s decision to go black face on Purim. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook In the spirit of our "How to tell a kosher Jewish Oscars joke" video, check out Billy Crystal…

  • How to make a kosher Jewish Oscars joke

    For all you future Oscars hosts…

  • L.A. Jewish Journal editor defends Seth MacFarlane

    Oscars host Seth MacFarlane has been getting hammered over his off-color jokes Sunday night, with the ADL and the Wiesenthal Center raising objections over this Jews-run-Hollywood gag: Rob Eshman, editor and publisher of the L.A. Jewish Journal, says relax: I found these reactions more annoying than MacFarlane’s comments, which varied from the very funny to the remotely…

  • Hey, Tablet: E.T. go home, make ‘Lincoln’ #1

    “Lincoln” didn’t walk away with the Oscar for best picture. But maybe our friends at Tablet could show this movie some love by making it #1 on their “Greatest Jewish Films” list instead of E.T. Yes, that’s right. Last year At the end of 2011, Tablet published its Top 100 list and made E.T. numero…

  • Top three Jewy moments at the Oscars

    So Steven Spielberg and the Israeli films came up empty. But there were still a few Jewy moments. [[READMORE]] 1) The Oscar for best "Jews control Hollywood" joke [UPDATE: The ADL isn’t laughing]: 2) Babs! 3) We’re not sure if it was meant as a nebbish-gets-the-shiksha-goddes joke, but… Seth MacFarlane asks the audience to imagine the two…

  • NY Post vs. ADL: Did John Galliano do Hasidic chic for Fashion Week?

    This blog post was revised in light of the ADL’s statement. What’s up with I Love Hitler/I No Longer Love Hitler fashion designer John Galliano stealing my youngest son’s Purim costume? The New York Post uses its front page to take aim at what the paper describes as Galliano’s hasidic chic look for Fashion Week: [[READMORE]]…

  • Ed Koch’s final word on President Obama (we think)

    Until his death Friday morning, Ed Koch has been seen as something of a bellwether of where Jewish liberal-hawks stood on the question of whether Democrats (and one Democratic president in particular) were going soft in their support for Israel. Koch backed W. in 2004, then disappointed Jewish GOPers by endorsing Barack Obama four years later….