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  • This Yiddish film is a rare look into Hasidic Brooklyn life

    BOSTON (JTA) — With more than a decade’s worth of experience in the film industry, mostly in documentaries, director Joshua Weinstein has released his first feature-length narrative film. What’s surprising is that Weinstein, a secular Jew, has made a movie entirely in Yiddish. “Menashe,” about Hasidic Jews in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, is…

  • ‘Indignation’ brings Philip Roth’s novel about anti-Semitism to the big screen

    BOSTON (JTA) — James Schamus remembers the block he faced while writing the screenplay for Ang Lee’s 1994 film “Eat Drink Man Woman.” Creating the right voices for the film’s Taiwanese characters was not going well “and Ang Lee was getting very nervous.” In a desperate effort to turn the script around, Schamus, who is…