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  • What the Shmita year can teach us about Hanukkah

    Some ideas on how the biblically ordained law on the land can help open up another dimension of Hanukkah.

  • Who will live and who will die? Confront the ultimate question

    The metaphor of God counting our deeds in the book of life during the High Holidays enables us to make our lives count, Dasee Berkowitz writes.

  • Considering ‘Next year in Jerusalem’

    The end of the Haggadah, with the promise to arrive “next year in Jerusalem,” is just as ripe for exploration as the beginning.

  • At Thanksgivukkah, celebrate uniqueness of the separate holidays

    How the specialness of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving can enhance the revelry of both holidays.

  • What children can teach us at Rosh Hashanah

    Cultivating a relationship with God comes easy for children, and they can teach adults — if we only slow down to listen, writes JTA contributing writer Dasee Berkowitz.

  • In experiencing real freedom, the importance of boundaries

    One of the lessons of Passover is that only within boundaries and structure can we experience true freedom, Dasee Berkowitz writes.

  • A Purim directive: Laugh it up!

    Purim is a holiday that isn’t ripe with laws and ritual obligations, but the Scroll of Esther offers a directive for observance that is clear: Jews should make the days “of feasting and joy.”

  • With a candle each night, celebrate the many dimensions of courage

    Overcoming our most natural desires and exercising personal restraint is a kind of heroism. At Chanukah, the suggestion here is to dedicate each night to this kind of everyday courage.

  • Keeping our word, improving the world

    At Yom Kippur, a reflection on being more conscious of our words, their intrinsic holiness and their powerful potential to create a better world.

  • Five steps to studying and learning from the Torah

    If we study the Torah the way a child plays with a toy — repeatedly and open to the possibility of discovering something remarkable — then perhaps we can discover something remarkable.