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  • Putting the Ten Commandments on display

    Just because there’s a debate about the public appropriateness on displaying the Ten Commandments doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with them at shul — or even in your front yard.

  • Dressing like my Jewish mother

    Using his late mother’s Torah Fund pins as an example, columnist Edmon J. Rodman offers his take on what to do when one inherits something that represents another’s commitment.

  • With a side of wry, a ‘schmucky’ deli truck rolls into L.A.

    New Yorker Matthew Koven migrates west to open his rolling restaurant “Schmuck with a Truck.”

  • Questionable behavior for after the seder

    Why is the day after the seder different from all other days? Columnist Edmon J. Rodman figures it’s because of all the newly minted questions that drop into our brains like zuzim.

  • Looking into Anne Frank’s unblinking eyes

    Anne Frank’s likeness is now on display at Madame Tussauds in Berlin. Are we ready for a young Jewish martyr and personification of the Holocaust to be melted into the waxy mix?

  • Snagging bargains for shalach manot

    What with the cost of fancy, professionally made kosher shalach manot baskets going for 50 bucks and up, columnist Edmon J. Rodman finds a less expensive way to share the joy with more people: the 99 Cents Only Store.

  • Whether a bed, or help figuring out what to do in one, some kosher options for Valentine’s Day

    On Valentine’s Day, for a people tasked in the Bible with being fruitful and multiplying, what goods are good for the Jews?

  • Pulling off an ugly Chanukah Hoodie

    With ugly Christmas sweater contests all the rage this holiday season, what’s a Jew to do, if he or she wants to compete? Where were the Chanukah sweaters emblazoned with bearded and bronzed Maccabees, anthropomorphized grinning dreidels, and mighty menorahs, that would be needed to compete with the long established garish patterned and appliquéd Christmas…

  • West Point’s Jewish choir sings for the president and diversity

    The Jewish — and non-Jewish — members of the West Point Jewish Chapel Cadet Choir took center stage at this year’s White House Chanukah party.

  • The making of a Hollywood Maccabee wannabee

    Columnist Edmon J. Rodman figures even with two Judah Maccabee movies in production, there’s room for a third — and he’s just the guy to make it.