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  • Golan Israelis doubt Syrian peace

    An Israeli peace deal with Syria could mean Israelis in the Golan having to give up their homes. But even as Syrian President Bashar Assad makes peace overtures to Israel, many Golan Jews feel no sense of urgency.

  • Sharon, Mubarak bury hatchet

    Their eyes on regional stability, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak have put aside personal tensions to seek rapprochement through unusually warm exchanges.

  • Lebanese attacks raise questions

    A recent wave of Lebanese provocations along Israel’s northern border has highlighted questions over how such incidents should be dealt with — both in Israel and in Lebanon.

  • Israel’s Armenians feel intifada’s squeeze

    Since the outbreak of the intifada, Israel’s Armenians, a minority within Israel’s Arab minority, find themselves caught between radical Muslims and Jews fearful of anyone who is not Jewish.

  • Four years of intifada

    On the eve of the fourth anniversary of the Palestinian intifada’s outbreak, violence continues to sear the region in what has become the longest-running Israeli-Arab conflict.

  • Egypt’s role in Gaza withdrawal

    With Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza looming, Egypt is working to lay the groundwork for a smooth pullout and for accord among Palestinian groups in the aftermath of Israel’s departure.

  • Will disengagement bring civil war?

    Israel’s national discourse was dominated recently by talk of potential civil war, but very few of those talking dared discuss what such a conflict might look like. What are the chances of an outbreak?

  • Palestinian prisoners expand hunger strike

    A hunger strike by Palestinian security prisoners encompasses close to 3,000 inmates, making it the largest such demonstration in Israeli history.

  • Volunteer project builds ties

    An unusual youth delegation comprised of Germans, Poles, Jews and Arabs is gathering in Israel to carry a message of peace and non-violence.

  • Israel’s homeless cope on streets

    During the summer, the ranks of the homeless in Tel Aviv grow, converging from all over the country. Though the exact numbers are fuzzy, one thing is clear: Younger and younger Israelis are becoming homeless.