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  • Israeli divestment gets an F on campus

    While the campus Israel divestment movement has garnered much media coverage and induced much hand wringing in the Jewish community, divestment demands have had little effect on American university administrators.

  • Wiesel back in S.F. for prize

    Elie Wiesel was back in San Francisco three months after being physically assaulted by a Holocaust denier to accept the Koret Prize.

  • Remembering Seymour Lipset, renowned sociologist

    Seymour Martin “Marty” Lipset, a revered analyst of American society and democracy, died Dec. 31 after years of medical troubles following a stroke. He was 84.

  • Like father, like son for Jewish Nobelist

    Thirty-seven years after Arthur Kornberg won the Nobel Prize in medicine, his eldest son, Roger, took home this year’s prize in chemistry.

  • Neighbors recall former Nazi guard

    San Francisco residents spoke out following the revelation that their neighbor Elfriede Rinkel served as a guard at an all-women’s concentration camp.

  • New Jewish baseball card set released

    A new Jewish baseball set of 55 cards contains cards for six Jews who have broken into the big leagues recently, six old-time Jewish ballplayers recently unearthed and four women who played in the wartime girls’ baseball league.

  • Oakland shul fire may be arson

    A fire that burned part of the exterior of a California synagogue may be the second arson attempt on a Bay Area synagogue in two months.