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  • Aliyah Chronicles: Dealing with illness from a distance

    When a recent immigrant to Israel finds out his father has cancer, his overseas relationships with his family grow stronger through the difficult time.

  • Understanding the pain of withdrawal

    An American who immigrated to Israel is increasingly uneasy over the major rift developing in the Jewish state as the Gaza pullout nears.

  • A new Israeli moves from grief to joy

    A new immigrant to Israel reflects on the depths of the sorrow he feels in remembering Israel’s losses on Memorial Day, and how that sorrow allows him — and all Israelis — to go immediately to the joy of the birth of the state celebrated in Independence D

  • An immigrant´s love story

    An American oleh realizes that even though he wants to integrate into Israeli society, he’s best off finding a wife from a background similar to his own.

  • Commercialism vs. history in Israel

    A recent immigrant to Israel wonders if a byproduct of modernity — rampant consumerism and commercialization — will overwhelm the heimische country he used to know.

  • Navigating Israel’s bureaucracy

    An American oleh, armed with urban legends about the inefficiency of Israeli bureaucracy, is surprised by a pleasant experience at the Jewish state’s Interior Ministry.

  • A Jewish take on pregnancy

    A new collection of interviews that is now hitting bookstores illustrates how pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood are all opportunities for spirituality and personal growth through the eyes of Judaism.

  • American olim land in Israel

    An American who moved to Israel last year is now on the other side, welcoming a planeload of new immigrants as they become citizens of the Jewish state.

  • It’s not easy not being Israeli

    A recent oleh struggles to escape the English-speaking womb, but the fact that he´s American makes him an outsider among new Israeli friends.

  • Oleh turns to the right

    An American immigrant to finds that Israel’s pressing issues force him to abandon his left-wing political views and move to the right.