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  • ADL: Anti-Semitism down nationwide, up in N.Y. and N.J.

    The number of anti-Semitic incidents dropped 14 percent nationwide last year, though the instances of vandalism rose, according to the Anti-Defamation League’s annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents.

  • Reclaiming the swastika

    Religious group to hold annual demonstration to reclaim the swastika

  • Poconos camp counselor charged with indecent assault

    A counselor at a Jewish summer camp for boys in Pennsylvania was taken into custody after a camper accused him of inappropriately touching him, police said.

  • Introducing … kosher lube!

    California company gets kosher certification for personal lube products

  • New Hillel president: We’re going to be inclusive

    The Talmudic sage Hillel famously disagreed with Shammai, but still respected him and promoted ahavat Yisrael — the love of every Jew. As the incoming president of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, Eric Fingerhut wants to channel the spirit of the organization’s namesake.

  • Dinner with Ahmadinejad

    JTA correspondent Josh Lipowsky shares an intimate evening with Iran’s president at a hotel in New York City — along with a couple hundred other students, professors and U.N. interns.

  • Looking for a Jewish education? There’s an app for that

    Digital technology is changing Jewish education across the board, and all agree: Get on board or get left behind.

  • Takin’ it to the schools: Outreach efforts go public

    Some Jewish groups are fighting post-b’nai mitzvah burnout by taking Judaism directly to teens in public schools, but some are wary of blurring the line separating church and state.

  • Penn State’s Jewish community weighs how to move forward

    With their school’s reputation damaged by the Sandusky sex abuse scandal, Penn State Jewish alumni and leaders are pondering how to move forward.

  • Popularized in America by Jews, pickles pack a punch

    July marks National Pickle Month, which “originated as a way for people to honor and appreciate all types of pickles,” according to Brian Bursiek, executive vice president of Pickle Packers International, which represents the worldwide pickled vegetable industry.