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Julie Wiener is a features writer for JTA. Previously, she was the associate editor of The New York Jewish Week, where she wrote about education, food and assorted other topics along with intermarriage.


  • A Jewish Barack Obama and an Arab Yitzhak Rabin

    In February a Jordanian named Yitzhak Rabin enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces. Now, an African American convert to Judaism in Jerusalem has officially changed his name to Barack Obama.

  • Shmurah matzahs, handcrafted by the prime minister

    With the peace process in peril and discussions floating about freeing Jonathan Pollard, releasing Palestinian prisoners and freezing settlements, Benjamin Netanyahu was baking matzah.

  • From the Archive: Peace processes and prisoner releases

    Releasing prisoners has been a frequent bargaining chip and confidence-building measure in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

  • New Jewish camps get creative with scholarships

    A science camp struggling to attract girls and an entrepreneurial one seeking to boost enrollment turn to financial incentives.

  • Gisela Kohn Dollinger, refugee who rescued husband from Gestapo, dies at 111

    The Austrian-born woman talked the Gestapo into releasing her husband, caught a last-minute boat to China and eventually ended up in a rent-controlled Manhattan apartment.

  • A young artist’s ‘anti-Barbie’ is a runaway crowdfunding success

    Nickolay Lamm, the 25-year-old behind the Lammily doll, insists he is not trying to pick a fight with the iconic Mattel toy.

  • Menachem Stark’s posthumous win

    The slain Hasidic landlord’s name was chosen from a charity raffle he had entered last year.

  • From the Archive: A Purim massacre’s 20th anniversary

    “Cities and towns that are usually packed with children in costumes were uncharacteristically quiet,” JTA reported after Baruch Goldstein’s murder of 29 Palestinian worshippers in Hebron.

  • Fast times at the NCJW

    With the National Council of Jewish Women using the Fast of Esther to highlight immigration reform, here are some ways the group could use the other minor fast days to draw attention to its causes.

  • Holocaust survivor Leo Bretholz shares his story

    Watch Leo Bretholz, who passed away this weekend, describe how he managed to escape from a French train bound for Auschwitz.