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  • U.K. Muslim school probed over books

    A Muslim school in London is being investigated following the discovery of anti-Semitic passages in textbooks.

  • Croatians sugarcoating Nazis?

    A Croatian factory is under investigation for producing sugar packets with images of Adolf Hitler and Holocaust jokes.

  • Doves blast watchdog group to Clinton

    A dovish pro-Israel group urged U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton to re-examine claims that Palestinian textbooks indoctrinate hate.

  • First kibbutz going private

    The first-ever kibbutz has decided to embrace a more capitalistic wage system.

  • Mother hopes to find Persian Jew

    Family members of a dozen Iranian Jews imprisoned for trying to leave the country illegally — some of whom have been in jail for a decade — say they haven’t lost hope of seeing their loved ones again one day.