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  • Chabad stakes claim in China

    China’s booming economy has attracted a rush of foreign investors to Guangzhou, many of them Jews seeking spiritual as well as material fulfillment — and Chabad is there to serve their needs.

  • Houston Jews help out

    The Jewish federation in Houston is helping fund dozens of groups that are aiding Katrina’s victims — Jewish and not.

  • Jews still helping Mississippi victims of Katrina

    A recent “healing concert” was one Mississippi city’s way of thanking the young Jewish volunteers for helping in the wake of last year’s Hurricane Katrina, which overwhelmed Natchez with stricken refugees from New Orleans.

  • A new hurricane season

    The Jews of New Orleans worry that this hurricane season could bring more unpleasant surprises for a community still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. In addition to physical devastation, Katrina has led to a dramatic drop in population that affects ever

  • Jewish studies go secular

    A growing list of universities in the United States and Israel are receiving funding from a Jewish charitable foundation to teach courses on Jewish secularism and secular Jewish culture.

  • Jewish group reaches out to Africa

    Fifty years ago, Israel began a program of assistance to Africa. The American Jewish Committee continues that tradition with the Africa Institute, which will promote economic development in the world’s poorest continent.

  • New Orleans loses Jewish leader

    After guiding New Orleans’ Jewish community through Hurricane Katrina, the executive director of the city’s Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans is taking a new job in another hurricane-battered region.

  • P.A. rep discusses Hamas-led future

    The Palestinian representative to Washington’s job just got a little harder with Hamas’ election victory. Afif Safieh, however, says much of the responsibility rests with Israel and the United States.

  • A glimpse of Palm Beach County’s Jews

    Florida’s Palm Beach County now has 255,000 Jews, making it the fourth-largest Jewish community in the nation. A look inside that community’s demographics.

  • Latino official pledges fight against racism

    The new head of the Organization of American States vows that under his leadership the group will do all it can to fight xenophobia, racial discrimination, anti-Semitism and terrorism throughout Latin America.