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  • English, French, Hebrew spoken at Paris shul

    A synagogue in Paris is pulling in English-speaking Jews to build a congregation that includes even the non-Jewish families of its Jewish members, which is unusual in Orthodox-dominated France.

  • Sharon mends fences in France

    Ariel Sharon and Jacques Chirac sought to mend fences in Paris as a new report shows a dramatic drop in anti-Semitic incidents in France.

  • The case of France’s missing manuscripts

    A police investigation into the disappearance of medieval Hebrew manuscripts from France’s national library has all the makings of a detective thriller.

  • Paris exhibits commemorate persecution

    This year, the sixtieth since the liberation of Auschwitz and the discovery of the extent of Nazi atrocities, has been an active year in France for Holocaust commemorations.

  • French Jews non-plussed by ‘no’ vote

    Reaction in the Jewish community was mixed after French voters decisively rejected a proposed European Union Constitution drafted by a former French president.

  • French Jews conflicted on constitution

    French Jews are undecided about whether to vote for or against the proposed European Union constitution, citing concerns that often have little to do with the text itself.

  • French Jewish comic book writer talks

    Joann Sfar, a French-Jewish comic book writer whose work is wildly popular in France and soon will be translated into English, talks about how his background does and does not influence his work.

  • Archive releases U.S. Jewish music in France

    The Milken Archive of American Jewish Music, which has been releasing recordings of music composed by Jews in America from the colonial period to modern times, recently began distributing the recordings in France.

  • Building identity among European Jews

    At a gathering in Paris, European Jewish educators discuss how best to expose their students to the Holocaust and other key issues, and whether combining religious and secular instruction is the right way to build stronger Jewish identities in their scho

  • Polish restitution case could set precedent

    A case before the European Court of Human Rights is being seen as a landmark that could force Poland to compensate Holocaust survivors and their descendants for their material losses.