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  • Ethiopian-Israeli cracks up audiences

    An Ethiopian-Israeli comic helps American audiences understand his community’s experience — and sheds light on a little-known side of Israel.

  • Ethiopian model works for community

    Not just a pretty face, modeltries to open doors for Ethiopians

  • Jews, Arabs talk peace in tents

    An annual gathering in Israel brings together Jews and Arabs to build trust through listening circles, workshops, musical performances and shared meals.

  • Ethiopian Jews in New York share traditions

    Represented by a new organization, Ethiopian Jews are organizing programs in New York to introduce other Jews to the Ethiopian community’s traditions and heritage.

  • Once Oriental, Mizrahi music goes mainstream

    Its popularity crossing ethnic lines, Mizrahi music is topping the charts in Israel.

  • Can’t everybody just get along?

    The Hamagshimim program brings together Conservative, Orthodox, Reform and secular Jewish youngsters by offering post-high school students the opportunity to study, work on a kibbutz and volunteer in programs throughout Israel before beginning college in

  • Zaka volunteers cope with death

    Members of Zaka, the fervently Orthodox rescue and cleanup organization that recover victims´ remains after terrorist attacks, rely on conventional and unconventional methods of coping with the emotionally draining job.

  • Schools cope with terrorism

    Going back to school is usually tough after the summer break, but this year some Israeli students are relieved to be back in class after the summer’s calm was shattered by the resumption of Palestinian terrorism. Schools are ready with strategies to help

  • Fackenheim’s philosophy remembered

    Emil Fackenheim, a prominent philosopher and theologian, died at age 87. He is perhaps most famous for his assertion that after the Holocaust, Jews have not only 613 commandments to obey, but 614. The last commandment was to be actively Jewish, thus denyi

  • Sept. 11 remembered in Israel

    For a few people in Israel on at least one night, terrorist violence brought Arabs and Jews together. Just two days after a pair of deadly suicide bombings, a group of Jews and Arabs gathered in Jerusalem on the two-year anniversary of Sept. 11.