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  • The mother tongue via Minsk

    An art restorer has spent a decade compiling one of the most complex and definitive Yiddish dictionaries ever – in Belarusian.

  • Chabad struggles in Belarus

    With Chabad struggling to regain its footing in Belarus, the Reform community has become uncommonly strong in a former Soviet republic.

  • Estonian Jews stone-faced in statue fray

    Partisans on both sides are trying to draw Estonia’s tiny Jewish population into the fray over the government’s decision to relocate a Soviet war memorial.

  • Synagogue opens in Estonian capital

    Showing how times have changed for Estonia – a country once declared “free of Jews” by the Nazis – a synagogue has opened in the capital, Tallinn.

  • Matriarch’s winding road to Judaism

    The boisterous matriarch of Kamchatka’s Jewish community traveled to the Russian frontier to avoid her Jewishness, before making it back to a life she thought was gone forever.

  • Isolated Russian community survives

    In one of the most rugged and geographically isolated regions in the world, the tiny Jewish community in Kamchatka, Russia, stays afloat with some unorthodox methods.

  • Turkmenistan Jews eye Israel

    Jews in Turkmenistan, a country with a de facto ban on Judaism, bide their time while trying to gather the money and documentation to leave for Israel.

  • Turkmen Jewish leader eyes aliyah

    Lyuba Garbuzova, cornerstone of Turkmenistan’s Jewish community, says her most important task is helping Jews immigrate to Israel.

  • Seders reach isolated community

    Russian-speaking emissaries brought Passover seders to an isolated community eager to learn Jewish rituals, part of a recent Chabad push to use Russians rather than foreigners as emissaries in the former Soviet Union.

  • Moscow making its own matzah

    With its new matzah bakery ramping up this Passover season, the Former Soviet Union’s largest Jewish group hopes to gradually replace imported Israeli matzah with a domestic version, at a huge savings.