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  • Blacks, Jews plant trees for King

    Honoring the memory of Coretta Scott King, American blacks and Jews dedicated the replanting of part of a Galilee forest destroyed by Hezbollah.

  • Female hoopster arrested in Israel

    Israeli police prevented a WNBA player from leaving Israel after she was arrested on assault charges.

  • Librescu family receives condolence letters

    Chabad presented a book with more than 1,450 condolence letters to the family of a Virginia Tech professor and Holocaust survivor killed in a shooting rampage at the school.

  • Police to Australia in Olmert case

    Israeli police will interview an Australian Jewish billionaire about allegations that he received assistance from Ehud Olmert in a bid to buy Bank Leumi.

  • Forest dedicated for Coretta Scott King

    American Jews, Israelis and African Americans joined Thursday in Washington to dedicate a Galilee forest in memory of Coretta Scott King.

  • Romney calls Iran ‘irrational

    Mitt Romney outlined his plans for countering Iran’s nuclear program and the threat of jihad in a Thursday night speech to a Yeshiva University audience.

  • French police checking attack reports

    French police are investigating a young Jewish woman’s claim that she was attacked by Arabs in Marseilles.

  • Obama: Palestinian leaders responsible for suffering

    Palestinians suffer because of their leadership, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said.

  • Interfaith conference in Ukraine

    Christians, Jews and Muslims met for an interfaith conference in Ukraine.

  • Richardson moots Baker for Mideast

    New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said that as president he would name a special envoy for Arab-Israeli peace, possibly James Baker.