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  • The Jewish dressmaker FDR turned away

    A new exhibit showcases the fashions of Hedy Strnad, who despite her dressmaking skills was denied a visa to America during World War II.

  • Op-Ed: Lag b’Omer with Jewish soldiers — at the pyramids

    A British Army chaplain witnessed an inspiring display of Jewish resilience during World War II. Rafael Medoff recounts the story.

  • George McGovern, a pacifist who wanted to bomb Auschwitz

    Despite his reputation as a pacifist, George McGovern said the Allies should have bombed Auschwitz — an episode with which the late senator and presidential candidate had a little-known personal connection — writes the founding director of a Washington Holocaust institute.

  • Jan Karski, from hell on earth to recipient of U.S. presidential honor

    Polish underground figure Jan Karski played a key role in delivering news about the genocide of Europe’s Jews during World War II. On May 29, he will receive, posthumously, the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  • Benzion Netanyahu’s role in U.S. politics

    Benzion Netanyahu, who died this week at age 102, played a little-known role in American history that has some parallels with his son, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

  • Op-Ed: On Iran, Auschwitz is relevant

    In the debate over Iran’s nuclear weapons program, Auschwitz is relevant — notably the failure to bomb the death camp — writes the director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies.

  • Op-Ed: Recalling a Mormon senator who tried to save Anne Frank’s life

    Rafael Medoff () WASHINGTON (JTA) — The news that a Mormon temple in the Dominican Republic recently conducted a posthumous proxy baptism of Anne Frank, the most famous diarist of the Holocaust, undoubtedly will cause some offense in the Jewish community. Evidently the baptizers believe they were saving Anne’s soul. Of greater significance, however, is…

  • Op-Ed: A Palestinian mufti and the U.S. election, then and now

    With remarks by a Jerusalem mufti echoing a controversy from the World War II era, the co-author of an upcoming book about Herbert Hoover and the Jewish vote says all sides would do well to keep in mind what 1948 says about the potential electoral impact of Middle East politics.

  • Op-Ed: Christians mostly failed to act in response to Kristallnacht

    Most American Christian leaders strongly condemned the Kristallnacht pogrom that the Nazis carried out against Germany’s Jews 73 years ago next week, but the words of condemnation were not always accompanied by calls for action, writes the director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies.

  • Op-Ed: Why recognizing the Bergson Group matters

    It’s important that the 1940s’ rescue activists known as the Bergson Group are finally receiving the recognition they deserve to ensure historical accuracy, to promote Jewish unity and, most of all, to help inspire a new generation of activists, writes the director of the The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies.