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  • Op-Ed: Christians mostly failed to act in response to Kristallnacht

    Most American Christian leaders strongly condemned the Kristallnacht pogrom that the Nazis carried out against Germany’s Jews 73 years ago next week, but the words of condemnation were not always accompanied by calls for action, writes the director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies.

  • Op-Ed: Why recognizing the Bergson Group matters

    It’s important that the 1940s’ rescue activists known as the Bergson Group are finally receiving the recognition they deserve to ensure historical accuracy, to promote Jewish unity and, most of all, to help inspire a new generation of activists, writes the director of the The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies.

  • Op-Ed: From father to son, the Netanyahu legacy in Washington

    With Benjamin Netanyahu’s success in attracting bipartisan support in Washington, the prime minister is following in the footsteps of his father, who accomplished a similar feat 67 years ago, writes historian Rafael Medoff.

  • Op-Ed: Obama, Libya and the Holocaust

    By intervening in Libya, America’s leaders are recognizing a role for historical lessons in shaping policy decisions — a welcome change from the attitudes of some of their predecessors, writes the director of a Holocaust studies institute.

  • Inviting Nazis to campus

    Ivy League lecture invitations to Iran’s president have a precedent: In the 1930s, Harvard and Columbia welcomed members of the Nazi regime to address their students.

  • Zionist Brando play turns 60

    Broadway plays don’t usually produce political or social change. But Ben Hecht’s controversial pro-Zionist play “A Flag is Born,” which debuted 60 years ago, had an impact on three of the most contentious issues of its day.

  • Lobbyist Maurice Rosenblatt, 90, dies

    Maurice Rosenblatt, a lobbyist for the rescue of Holocaust refugees and the creation of the State of Israel who played a key role in the downfall of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, died at age 90.