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  • Op-Ed: Obama, Libya and the Holocaust

    By intervening in Libya, America’s leaders are recognizing a role for historical lessons in shaping policy decisions — a welcome change from the attitudes of some of their predecessors, writes the director of a Holocaust studies institute.

  • Inviting Nazis to campus

    Ivy League lecture invitations to Iran’s president have a precedent: In the 1930s, Harvard and Columbia welcomed members of the Nazi regime to address their students.

  • Zionist Brando play turns 60

    Broadway plays don’t usually produce political or social change. But Ben Hecht’s controversial pro-Zionist play “A Flag is Born,” which debuted 60 years ago, had an impact on three of the most contentious issues of its day.

  • Lobbyist Maurice Rosenblatt, 90, dies

    Maurice Rosenblatt, a lobbyist for the rescue of Holocaust refugees and the creation of the State of Israel who played a key role in the downfall of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, died at age 90.