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  • Report: Turkey should fight anti-Semitism

    A report on racism and intolerance in Turkey by the Council of Europe says Turkey has made strides in combating much intolerance but still has much work to do on its problem with anti-Semitism.

  • Saving Turkish Jewish history

    A new project aims to gather and preserve stories and photographs shedding light on the forgotten past of Turkey’s insular Jewish community.

  • Turkish Jews praise E.U. approach

    Turkey’s Jewish community welcomes a European Union report that opens the way for Turkey to become an E.U. member, saying it will help propel reforms that will foster democracy and religious freedom.

  • Bombed Istanbul shul reopens

    Almost a year after it was struck by a powerful bomb, Istanbul’s central synagogue reopens with a ceremony that was both a solemn remembrance of the attack and a celebration of the building’s new life.

  • Turkish singers buoy dying tradition

    Turkish Jewry is struggling to keep alive the haunting melodies of the Maftirim, a 300-year-old collection of Hebrew devotional poems set to intricate Turkish classical music.

  • Istanbul synagogue reopens

    The reopening of an Istanbul synagogue hit by a suicide bombing last fall reflects the position of the city’s Jewish community — striving to move forward but aware that it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to return to life as it was before.

  • Turkey and Israel: Splitsville?

    Is Israel’s relationship with Turkey on the skids? Though Turkish and Israeli officials have denied any coolness between their nations, all is not necessarily well in the regional alliance.

  • Jews wary as Azerbaijan election nears

    With presidential elections approaching in Azerbaijan, the political opposition is mounting an unusually vocal campaign against the leading candidate, a son of the current president, Heydar Aliyev. Azerbaijan’s Jewish community, which has enjoyed a close

  • Keeping Ashkenazi heritage alive in Istanbul

    At a dome-topped synagogue in one of Istanbul’s old Jewish neighborhoods, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the high points of the religious calendar in more ways than one: the holidays are the only time of the year that the city’s last Ashkenazi synagogue

  • Islands alive with Turkish Jewish life

    Each summer, Turkish Jews flee urban Istanbul for Buyukada and other isles in the Princes’ Island chain. It is a season for the Jewish community to relax and reconnect, with no cars in sight but with plenty of kosher food and beach clubs close at hand.