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  • BBC TV’s director fears for the future of Jews in the UK

    Danny Cohen, the director of television at the BBC, is usually in the news to talk about the next big thing in British television. He is known for helping commission popular British shows such as the coming-of-age sitcom “The Inbetweeners” and the BAFTA award-winning “Skins.” Now he oversees the BBC’s four main channels. However, on… More ▸

  • Estonia’s kosher food problem yields smartphone solution

    When Haim Grinfeld from Tallinn began keeping kosher, he would go to the supermarket and phone up his good friend Moshe Beshkin, a software developer who is one of a handful of observant Jews living in Estonia. Haim needed Moshe’s help two years ago because many kosher brands that are sold in Estonia do not carry a… More ▸

  • For third night of Hanukkah, three sundaes. Geltwich anyone?

    PORTLAND (JTA) — Hanukkah menorahs burn in the window of Miss Zumstein Bakery and Coffee Shop on Portland’s east side, and inside 22 guests sit facing one another at a long row of tables. The group is celebrating the third night of Hanukkah with sweet and fatty treats. But, rather than sufganiyot, the jelly donuts… More ▸

  • Singing praises — and not — for Christmas remake of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’

    The YouTube entry is headlined, “A Christmas Version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ That Will Give You Chills!” To some, the video is giving conniptions. “Hallelujah,” one of the Canadian-Jewish songwriter/singer’s most popular compositions, was penned in 1984 and quickly zoomed past fan-favorite territory to iconic. Plenty of crooners have recorded it, notably John Cale, Jeff… More ▸

  • From the Archive: Cuban Jews under the embargo

    With the negotiated release of American Jewish government contractor Alan Gross this week and President Obama announcing his plan to lift the 54-year-old economic embargo against Cuba, the United States and Cuba appear to be opening a new — and warmer — chapter in their relationship. Which should be good news for the approximately 1,400… More ▸

  • A military miracle: Hanukkah care for U.S. armed forces personnel

    On Hanukkah, Jews around the world pay tribute to the Maccabees, a small band of Jewish soldiers who pulled off an improbable military victory. Members of the Israel Defense Forces carry on that legacy today, and for Hanukkah, they too are recognized alongside their Maccabean predecessors with organizations across political stripes visiting military bases and… More ▸

  • Behind every great ‘Serial’ podcast host, a Jewish studies professor

    No spoilers here about the “Serial” season finale, but I will say this much: The episode ends with … a special thanks to a certain Jewish studies professor. That would be Benjamin Schreier, the interim director of the Jewish studies program at Penn State and the husband of “Serial” host Sarah Koenig. With “Serial,” Koenig has achieved something… More ▸

  • Jesus comes to the Hanukkah party

    Sure, his birthday usually falls around the same time as Hanukkah, but Jesus and the Jewish holiday generally don’t mix. This year, however, two Jesus-Hanukkah juxtapositions have been getting a lot of social media attention. First, there’s Bud Williams, the Springfield, Mass., city counselor who said “Jesus is the reason for the season” — at a… More ▸