• 5774: Top 10 viral videos

    NEW YORK (JTA) — For a few days this year, they clogged up our Facebook feeds and then, perhaps, our subconscious. In our list of the top viral videos of 5774, we bring back those videos that had you hitting “share” again and again. Prairie dogs under Gaza What was supposed to be a Hamas war anthem translated… More ▸

  • Oops! Palestinian typo promotes ‘violent’ protest

    In a press release advertising an upcoming speech by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at New York’s Cooper Union, organizers write that Abbas will address, among other things, “Why violent protest is the best method by which Palestinians should seek their rights.” Does this herald the coming of a new intifada, or is this a Freudian slip — or… More ▸

  • Lone soldiers unwind at Lady Gaga concert

    Israeli Lone Soldier Adam Berman admits that it was a “rough summer.” Berman, 24, made aliyah a year ago from Columbus, Ohio, serves at the Erez Crossing between Israel and Gaza and lives on Kibbutz Alumim, also located on the Gaza border. So he did not escape this summer’s constant barrage on southern Israel before… More ▸

  • Bill and Hillary disagree on Netanyahu? Not so much

    Politico and Haaretz have seized on C-Span video from Iowa that they claim suggests Bill and Hillary Clinton diverge on how ready Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is for peace. Hillary Rodham Clinton appears to be stumping for an as yet unannounced presidential bid in the first caucus state, and the video shows Bill Clinton… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Keep your kippah on, growing concern for Negev farmers, break the routine at U.N.

    Keep your kippah on: Observant Jews in New York should not let concerns about anti-Semitic hooliganism stop them from proudly wearing a yarmulke in public, Rabbi Haskel Lookstein writes. (N.Y. Jewish Week) Growing concern for Negev farmers: Rockets from Gaza disrupted agricultural work throughout Israel’s South. Now farmers, aided by some urban volunteers, are scrambling to catch up… More ▸

  • Adam Greenberg inducted into National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

    Adam Greenberg saw one pitch in his first major league at-bat, a 92 mph fastball that struck him in the head and effectively ended his MLB career. The ball hit with a sickening thud, popping Greenberg’s helmet off and sending the young ballplayer to the ground, where he clutched his head in agony. Greenberg suffered a… More ▸

  • Elsewhere: Suburban school drama, a Jewish slave owner, rabbi roundup

    Suburban school drama: Haredi Orthodox control of public schools their children don’t attend has inflamed ethnic tensions and sparked accusations of anti-Semitism in a diverse New York suburb. (This American Life) A Jewish slave owner: Susanna Ashton chronicles the life of Mordechai Cohen, a wealthy member of the Jewish community in Charleston, S.C., who was… More ▸

  • From the Archive: Germany’s anti-Semitism (and anti-Semitic) education

    In the aftermath of a spike in anti-Semitic incidents during the recent Israel-Hamas conflict, primarily instigated by Muslim youth, Germany has announced that it will fund anti-Semitism (or, anti-anti-Semitism) education for its Muslim students. The Krauts have come a long way from their famously sordid history of anti-Semitism. Much of their mid-20th century anti-Semitism arose… More ▸