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  • Snow and memory

    It’s snowing in Jerusalem. I know this through the magic of the Internet, of social media where I see friends posting photos. I grew up in snow, in Montreal, and loved it, but I grew to appreciate it in Jerusalem. Here in DC, all it’s become is the occasional pain in the neck. And back….

  • Snow falls on Israel

    Snow piled up on the Golan Heights and in the Galilee, and dusted Jerusalem as rain, hail and strong winds swept the rest of Israel.

  • Heavy Snow Hits Jerusalem for Second Time in Two Weeks; City Alerted

    Snow fell for the second consecutive day today in Jerusalem and for the second time in two weeks – as the city girded for a possible repeat of the havoc caused by the earlier storm. The Knesset (Parliament) prudently cut its session short last night so that members could get home before roads became impassable…

  • Fierce Gales, Snows Hit Israel; Jerusalem Isolated, Coast Buffeted

    Fierce gales and snowstorms — the worst in 27 years, according to local meteorologists — blanketed most of Israel today, isolated Jerusalem for hours and forced the cancellation of a scheduled meeting between the U.N. Mideast envoy Ambassador Gunnar Jarring, and Israel’s Foreign Minister Abba Eban. Ambassador Jarring’s headquarters at Nicosia, Cyprus, was notified when…

  • Snow Comes to Israel

    Snow blanketed Jerusalem and the surrounding hills today and freezing rains lashed Tel Aviv on the coast, disrupting normal life in both cities and snarling traffic between them. Israel experiences snowfalls on an average of once in two years. Water and heating pipelines are above ground and freeze when the temperature drops. Israeli cars do…