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  • Storm blankets Jerusalem with snow

    Jerusalem was covered with nearly two feet of snow after a winter storm that cut off traffic to Israel’s capital, left thousands stranded and briefly shut down the country’s main airport.

  • Jerusalem snow postpones Kerry-Netanyahu meeting

    Jerusalem and its environs were blanketed with snow, causing the postponement of a scheduled meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

  • Wild weather strikes Israel

    Storms sweeping through Israel have flooded roads, felled trees and delayed public transportation.

  • JTA 5773: Top 10 photos

    10. Thousands celebrate the Belz dynasty wedding 9. Obama visits Yad Vashem 8. The greatest locust invasion since … well, you know 7. Shimon Peres’ cool friend 6. Shimon Peres’ tall friend 5. Jon and Benny break a glass 4. Iron Dome missile in action 3. Brooklyn Torah scrolls damaged during Hurricane Sandy 2. Women of the Wall leader Anat Hoffman…

  • Snow and memory

    It’s snowing in Jerusalem. I know this through the magic of the Internet, of social media where I see friends posting photos. I grew up in snow, in Montreal, and loved it, but I grew to appreciate it in Jerusalem. Here in DC, all it’s become is the occasional pain in the neck. And back….