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2012 elections

  • “Amercia” vs. “Isreal”

    We decided to take the “Amercia” typo on Mitt Romney’s “I’m with Mitt” app and add it to the list we made for Israel’s independence day a month ago of people who spell Israel “Isreal.” We present to you: “Amercia” vs. “Isreal”   Which Typo is worse? you decide! [polldaddy poll=6272835] More ▸

  • Sarah Silverman ‘aborts’ a burrito

    You read it right. The politically aware-yet-incorrect comedian tweeted a photo of herself with a pregnant belly and wrote, “It’s a burrito!”, only to tweet another picture a few hours later of her wearing the same outfit sans the pregnant belly with the caption reading, “Got a quickie aborsh in case R v W gets… More ▸

  • Jason Alexander not happy with Romney’s flubbed ‘Seinfeld’ reference

    In Last night’s GOP debate in Mesa, Ariz., presidential hopeful Mitt Romney spiced things up by adding a quote from the popular show “Seinfeld.” While the crowds applauded him at the end of a short statement, Romney chuckled and said: “As George Costanza would say, ‘When they’re applauding, stop.’” Apparently Romney got himself into a double… More ▸

  • Scarlett Johansson uses fashion to support Obama’s re-election

    A group of fashion designers, singers, filmmakers and other celebrities joined effort to show their support for the re-election of President Barack Obama in 2012, in an event called Runway to Win, which was hosted by ScarJo. Celebrities like Beyonce, Diddy, Russel Simmons, Marc Jacobs, and Diane von Furstenberg didn’t wait for fashion week. They… More ▸

  • Wolf Blitzer makes everyone LOL by saying OMG on CNN

    Think of Wolf Blitzer as your old Jewish uncle who only wants to talk about politics. What would happen if Uncle Wolf says that Rick Santorum’s winning Colorado last night was definitely an OMG moment. Yeah, it would definitely make me SMH (shake my head). But it actually happened during last night’s CNN coverage of… More ▸

  • The best of the #HermanCainAsDrake hashtag

    It’s been almost a week since Herman Cain announced that he is suspending his campaign and the world is, well, still making fun of him. It’s not like the GOP race isn’t entertaining enough as it is, but there was something special about Cain, the underdog turned front runner accused of sexual misconduct. And so,… More ▸