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Aaron Sorkin

  • Joshua Malina of ‘Scandal’ on being Jewish in Hollywood

    Some actors get typecast typecast as villains, some as goofballs, and some, like “Scandal” actor Joshua Malina, as “smart Jews in suits.” His words, not ours, spoken Tuesday at Cornell University, as reported by The Cornell Daily Sun. Melina, who has also starred in “The West Wing” and “Sports Night” was there delivering a talk called “How… More ▸

  • Aaron Sorkin writes Steve Jobs biopic, ‘He has to be a hero’

    Aaron Sorkin is going to be the mind behind the new biographic film about Apple’s Steve Jobs. Sorkin, who wrote “The Social Network” said at the AllThingsD Conference in California that he prefers writing heroic characters, with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg being the only antihero he has ever written for. However he is still observing Jobs’ life and… More ▸

  • Just Like ‘Sex and the City,’ Kristin Davis is dating Jewish

    Her character Charlotte York-Goldenblatt converted to Judaism in “Sex and the City,” and in real life, Kristin Davis decided to pull the same move. Or at least make the first step. Davis is reportedly dating screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who is known for his work on “A Few Good Men,” “The West Wing,” “The Social Network” and others…. More ▸

  • Friday Five: Haredi child star, Harry Houdini, King of Peace, Cantor’s griller, Jewish time traveler

    Haredi kid plays the Holocaust card The haredi Israeli kid who was photographed with his yellow concentration-camp star in a classic hands-up Holocaust pose managed to take the culture wars between haredi and non-haredi Israelis to new levels of enmity. Now it’s not just Israeli media, secular Israelis and the Modern Orthodox who are outraged;… More ▸

  • Congrats to the tribe members nominated for Golden Globes!

    The Golden Globe nominees were announced today, and once again the Jews really just dominate that shiz. Below is the list of nominations that are Jewishly inspired, whether through actors, directors, or just general holiness. Mazal tov, kiddos!         Best Motion Picture: Drama –          Moneyball (Jonah Hill and Aaron Sorkin) Best Motion… More ▸