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  • Aliyah Down 16 Percent

    Some 16,500 Jews from around the world have made aliyah in 2008, a 16 percent drop from the previous year. The 6,100 immigrants from the former Soviet Union accounts for 35 percent of the olim. Some 3,250 of the immigrants came from Western Europe, or 20 percent, with 3,150 from the United States and Canada,… More ▸

  • Vacation in Eilat Turns to Tragedy

    Police investigating a bus accident that killed 24 Russian tourists traveling to Eilat reportedly will look at driver error and mechanical failure as the likely causes. The bus plunged down a 45-foot embankment Tuesday afternoon to the bottom of a riverbank north of Eilat after flipping over several times. Some 33 people were injured, many… More ▸

  • Orthodox Groups to Offer Ethical Seals for Businesses

    Not to be outdone by their Conservative colleagues, Orthodox groups on both coasts will soon be vetting the ethical standards of businesses serving the Jewish communities. In New York, Uri L’Tzedek, a social justice group founded last year by rabbinical students at the liberal Orthodox Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, is set to launch its Tav HaYosher,… More ▸

  • U.S. Calls Israeli Woman, 55, for Duty — in Afghanistan

    Orli Avior is 55 with a grown daughter and sells homemade jewelry to keep herself busy — not the usual Israeli candidate for a sudden stint in the U.S. military reserves. But her U.S. passport lists her as Gigi Banjak, and when papers came to her Netanya home calling up Command Sgt. Maj. Banjak to… More ▸

  • Ort Schools in FSU Suffer Cutbacks

    Students in uniform dart in and out of the nondescript door of School No. 550, sandwiched between one of this river city’s iconic canals and the edge of its seediest market. The school seems to be perched on the edge of regal affluence, but it already has pitched headlong into the din of financial turmoil…. More ▸

  • 200 London Jews Attend Aliyah Meeting

    More than 200 Jews and Israelis living in London who are considering moving to Israel attended a meeting with Israeli tax experts. The large turnout at Tuesday’s meeting may be due to changes in Israeli tax laws that will enable people to live in Israel and continue their businesses abroad. About 50 people are expected… More ▸

  • Go North, $10 Million Aliyah Project Urges

    A $10 million initiative urging Jews to immigrate to Israel’s North was launched. Nefesh B’Nefesh, a nonprofit that provides incentives to Anglo-Jews to make aliyah, will work with the New Jersey-based Russell Berrie Foundation to help more than 1,000 Jews make the move over the next three years, the organizations announced Monday. The project also… More ▸

  • Pained but Resolute, Chabad Buries Emissaries

    Rabbis wept, women wailed and Chabad faithful called for avenging the tragedy in Mumbai with holiness and love as thousands gathered here Tuesday for the funerals of the two Chabad emissaries killed in the Mumbai terrorist attacks. The mourners came together under a sun-drenched Israeli sky in this Chabad-Lubavitch town near Tel Aviv outside the… More ▸

  • Mumbai Terrorists Targeted Jews, Israelis

    The only Mumbai terrorist caught alive told an Indian newspaper that he and his colleagues were sent to target Israelis. Azam Amir Kasab, a Pakistani, told Indian police that the terrorists targeted the Chabad outreach center, known as the Nariman House, because it was frequented by Israelis, The Times of India reported Sunday. Israelis were… More ▸

  • Women Making Aliyah Among Mumbai Victims

    A woman scheduled to make aliyah was among those killed in the terror attack on Mumbai’s Chabad center. Norma Shvarzblat Rabinovich, a Mexican citizen, had plans to make aliyah Monday, joining two of her three children who had already immigrated to Israel. She was among five Israelis killed in the attack on the Nariman House…. More ▸