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  • The Burg speaks: Zionism is futile

    It’s been less than a year since Avraham Burg – former Knesset speaker, Jewish Agency chief, and scion of one of Israel’s most illustrious founding families – shocked his countrymen with some harsh appraisals of the Zionist enterprise (see an abridged English version of the Ha’aretz story that started the trouble here, and a more… More ▸

  • Michael Drake in a ZOA constrictor

    The much anticipated showdown with the University of California, Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake went down Monday afternoon at the Hillel summit in Washington. Hillel was criticized for inviting Drake, who presides over a campus with a history of inviting inflammatory, anti-Israel speakers, with some criticizing the chancellor for not denouncing specific acts of anti-Semitic and/or… More ▸

  • You say censoring, I say defaming

    Did you ever wonder what would happen if you put Tony Judt, John Mearsheimer, Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein in the same room? Find out this Friday at a conference in Chicago being put on by an outfit called the “Depaul Academic Freedom Committee.” The significance here is the coming together of fringe and respected… More ▸

  • Mearsheimer-Walt: Truth in advertising?

    It’s been pointed out (here, for example) that Mearsheimer & Walt are sloppy/misleading with their handling of several news articles and quotes. So, in a warped sort of way, the selective quotations in the full-page New York Times ad on Monday for their new book could be considered an example of truth in advertising “Ruthlessly… More ▸