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  • How’s the mood in Israel? Depends where you live

    Just as in the summer of 2006, when the northern part of the country huddled in bomb shelters during the Second Lebanon War and the rest of the country carried on with its business, a new war has come that affects Israelis — at least in part — according to geography. More ▸

  • Adjusting to Rockets in Ashkelon and Ashdod

    Another rocket warning siren wails and eight members of the Levi family, including a grandmother and a newborn baby, quickly cram into the small bedroom made of reinforced concrete that serves as the family’s bomb shelter. “Come on, come on! Get in!” they shout. Just before the heavy metal door slams shut, the family dog,… More ▸

  • Amid Israel 60 Gala in Jerusalem, Ashkelon Suffers Rocket Strike

    A crush of world leaders and their security details mixed with Buddhist monks, rabbis, novelists and Internet entrepreneurs at Israel’s splashy, high-profile 60th anniversary celebration this week. The festivities at the “Facing Tomorrow” conference in Jerusalem stood in stark contrast to the destruction Wednesday in Ashkelon, where two people were wounded seriously in a rocket… More ▸

  • Ashkelon Man and Border Policeman Are Latest Victims of Arab Violence

    A wave of terrorist attacks continued throughout the weekend here, prompting calls by government leaders for Israelis to prepare for tough times and per-severe in the search for peace. A 49-year-old Israeli from Ashkelon was stabbed to death Sunday in a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip, apparently by two Palestinian construction workers building a… More ▸

  • Billion Dollar Electric Plant Begins Operating in Ashkelon

    Israel’s new billion dollar electric power station, the largest in the country, went into operation last weekend. The first of two coal-fired generating units at the new Rutenberg plant in Ashkelon produced 100 megawatts of electricity on its first day. Output will be boosted gradually to 550 megawatts over the next few months. The power… More ▸