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  • Oscar-nominated JTA president would’ve turned 100 today

    Hey Google doodle — you missed one. Today is the one-hundredth birthday of Eleazar Lipsky, lawyer, Broadway-produced playwright, Oscar-nominated screenwriter and former JTA president. Lipsky, son of Zionist leader Louis Lipsky, died from Leukemia at age 81. My personal favorite achievement from the Lipsky era at JTA below: [[READMORE]] J.T.A. Opens New Radio Printer Circuits to Latin American Lands… More ▸

  • Birthday haiku for Michael Kors

    *** The only two jobs that pay even if you’re wrong; weather and fashion *** Happy Birthday designer Michael Kors. I still don’t know fashion from borscht. But my pink polo shirt from when I was five is apparently cool again. (Or was that last season?) More ▸

  • Birthday boy Bob Dylan among the Jewish folk

    Today is folk legend Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday. Born Robert Allen Zimmerman, Dylan is no stranger to Jewish celebration. In 1975, he crashed a Passover seder with Marlon Brando. And in 2004, Dylan was spotted at Yom Kippur services in his home state of Minnesota. Fun aside: Earlier this month, NPR’s Robert Siegel shared that Bob… More ▸