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  • Rio De Janeiro’s Jews Worried As Neo-nazis Thrive in City’s Suburbs

    Rio’s most popular newspaper sounded an alarm recently: Neo-Nazism is alive and thriving in the city’s suburbs. The report in the O Dia newspaper confirmed what many in the Jewish community long have feared. Other members of the community, however, believe the report gave lunatic fringe groups too much publicity. According to the report, some… More ▸

  • Hebrew Teacher in Brazil Insists He’s Innocent in Child-porn Case

    A Hebrew teacher jailed here on charges of engaging in child pornography is maintaining his innocence. In a jailhouse interview with JTA, George Steinberg said he had no idea that a 17-year-old girl who turned him in was underage. He assumed she was older than 18, he said, because she worked at a night club…. More ▸

  • Israeli Diplomat in Brazil Suspected of Child Pornography

    Brazilian police were searching this week for an Israeli diplomat suspected of hosting child prostitution sessions after they found pictures of nude teen-age girls allegedly taken at his apartment. Israeli officials said they are recalling Arie Scher to investigate the matter. The search for Scher, 35, who served the Israeli government in China for two… More ▸

  • Effort Launched to Pursue Nazi Loot Brought to Brazil

    Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso has signed a decree creating a special commission to trace gold and other assets stolen from Holocaust victims and believed to have been smuggled into the country by Nazis after World War II. The commission also will attempt to determine whether any former Nazis, many of whom found a safe… More ▸

  • Gubernatorial Candidate in Brazil is the Victim of Anti-semitic Attacks

    A Jewish candidate for governor of the Brazilian state of Parana has become the target of anti-Semitic attacks. Vandals sprayed anti-Jewish slogans on the wall of the Jewish cemetery and on 15 billboards advertising the candidacy of Jaime Lerner last week. Lerner, who is leading in his race for governor of Parana, is the former… More ▸

  • Brazil’s Foreign Minister Meets with American Jews

    Brazil’s Foreign Minister Fernando Henrique Cardozo told a visiting delegation of the American Jewish Committee that his aspiration is to be jointly honored by his country’s Jewish and Arab communities. The AJCommittee delegates met last week with Cardozo in Brasilia, the Brazilian capital, on the first leg of a South American tour that was also… More ▸

  • Sao Paulo University to Receive $10 Million from Odessa Group

    The University of Sao Paulo, in Brazil, has been named to inherit some $10 million from the Nazi organization Odessa, according to a report in the Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo. It is believed that the inheritance consists of a treasure of some 465 lbs. of jewels, rare coins, gold and precious stones, kept… More ▸

  • Brazil Has Ended Military Ties with Iraq, Ex-operative Claims

    Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait has put an end to more than a decade of Brazilian military cooperation with Saddam Hussein’s regime, according to a retired head of Brazil’s intelligence agency. Col. Carlos Cunha, a retired former senior operative of the Servico Nacional de Informacoes, said President Fernando Collor de Mello has ordered national companies to… More ▸

  • New Brazil President Recants Vows Made to Jews on Mideast

    Brazil’s new president, who was inaugurated on Thursday, seems to have retreated from assurances he made to Jewish leaders on his position toward the Middle East. Fernando Collor de Mello hinted in his inaugural speech that his government would condition its policy on the Middle East on the country’s economic ties with the Arab world…. More ▸

  • Presidential Election in Brazil Fails to Impress Jewish Electorate

    Brazil’s first free presidential election in 30 years has turned out to be something of a letdown for the country’s approximately 180,000 Jews. The first Jewish candidate for president of this overwhelmingly Catholic country, media tycoon and television entertainer Silvio Santos, was knocked off the ballot on a technicality less than a week before the… More ▸