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conan o'brien

  • Watch: Mel Brooks talks to Conan about his Jewish roots

    On the latest installment of “Serious Jibber-Jabber,” host Conan O’Brien welcomes Mel Brooks, whom he calls “one of the funniest men on earth.” The web series, in which Conan “talks for a long time with interesting people,” is old school in that it is longer than 10 minutes, making it the perfect format for an old-school… More ▸

  • Chelsea Handler and Conan’s naked shower fight (VIDEO)

    Chelsea Handler likes to get naked and take showers at her “Chelsea Lately” studio, which used to host Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Conan decided to return to his old studio to confront her. Naked. In a shower. Watch the video that reveals many things, like that fact that Conan has a pretty good bod… More ▸

  • Paul Rudd pranks Conan… again.

    It may have been a day late, but Paul Rudd delivered a great April Fool’s joke. The victim: Conan O’Brien. The prank: Instead of showing a teaser of “Anchorman 2” on last night’s show, Rudd showed a clip from the 1988 E.T. ripoff film “Mac and Me.” Why is that funny? Well, first of all… More ▸

  • John Galliano’s brother responds to the faux pas

      Joe Galliano, the brother of fashion designer John Galliano, appeared on Conan Tuesday night to respond to his brother’s outfit, which may or may not have been copying Hasidic garb (where did this guy even come from? Conan, how do you do what you do?)   The other Galliano poked fun at all the… More ▸

  • Sarah Silverman and Conan corrupt innocent babies (VIDEO)

    Last week, comedian Sarah Silverman visited Conan O’Brien and somewhat embarrassed the ginger late night host with a serious of R-rated topics. Silverman’s mission was to show that it is okay to discuss lady parts, and she did it, of course, in her “special” ways. After taking a photo of Conan’s lips with her iPhone,… More ▸

  • Paul Rudd’s Jersey Shore audition tape

    Last night, Conan O’Brien revealed the secret celebrity audition tapes for Jersey Shore, including that of Paul Rudd and Anne Hathaway. Rudd explained his type to the camera. “I just want to find a nice, hot, juiced, tanned guy and live my life,” he said. Paul, as it turns out that’s exactly what I look… More ▸

  • James Franco makes a porno

    James Franco, who had previously announced his intention making a porn documentary, was spotted outside of the offices of, presumably doing research for the project. “There’s this amazing facility in San Francisco,” Franco told Conan O’Brien during a recent appearance on the latter’s show. “It’s at this old armory and they do everything in… More ▸