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  • Polish Jews in Denmark

    To the Editor: In reply to the article “Danish Jews ponder bleak future,” by Ben Harris, the third paragraph says: “But many of the Polish Jews were assimilated and saw little value in Jewish affiliation, and even those who joined the active Jewish community have seen their children — following the example of generations of… More ▸

  • Danish Jews ponder bleak future

    Denmark’s Jewish leaders are trying to figure out a way to sustain a community whose active young Jews decamp for better social and religious opportunities abroad and whose least committed melt into a society that has been remarkably welcoming of its Jewish minority. More ▸

  • Prayer Time

    On my final morning in Copenhagen, I awoke before the sun — not such a great feat in Denmark in November, mind you — and headed for the Great Synagogue for morning services. (Side note: I failed to visit the Dohany Street Synagogue in Budapest when I was there, the third time I have visited… More ▸

  • No requirements

    Bent Lexner lives in a row of modest but stately apartments overlooking Østerport Station in the eastern part of Copenhagen. Denmark’s chief rabbi since 1996, Lexner was rushed on Thursday morning, cutting short an early interview because of a death in the community. Danish Jews can barely spare a soul. Only about 2,000 of them… More ▸

  • Myths and Facts

      In the center of Copenhagen, just minutes walk from parliament and other institutions of Danish authority, lies the quasi-autonomous community of Christiania. Most of the literature describes it as a hippie commune, and that’s more or less accurate. Streets are unpaved, buildings are covered in colorful artwork, and surprises seem to lie behind every… More ▸

  • Violence over Danish Cartoon Could Impact European-mideast Relations

    A Danish employee of the European Union in Brussels confides that she is so fearful of Muslim anger over the now infamous cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper that she is afraid to go home. Unnerved Danish members of the European Parliament refuse to comment on the violent protests against the cartoons… More ▸

  • Denmark Extradites Neo-nazi to Face Charges in Germany

    Danish officials have extradited American neo-Nazi Gary Lauck to Germany to face charges related to racist activity. Lauck, 41, who was arrested near Copenhagen on March 20 at the request of German authorities, faces five years in jail in Germany if convicted on the charges – which include racial incitement and the distribution of illegal… More ▸

  • Danish High Court Upholds Extradition of U.S. Neo-nazi

    The Danish Supreme Court last week upheld a German extradition request for American neo-Nazi Gary Lauck. In Germany, Lauck, 41, faces charges of incitement, encouraging racial hatred, distributing illegal propaganda and Nazi symbols, and belonging to a criminal group. He has been a major supplier of anti-Semitic propaganda in Germany. The Aug. 244 ruling upheld… More ▸