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  • John Galliano’s brother responds to the faux pas

      Joe Galliano, the brother of fashion designer John Galliano, appeared on Conan Tuesday night to respond to his brother’s outfit, which may or may not have been copying Hasidic garb (where did this guy even come from? Conan, how do you do what you do?)   The other Galliano poked fun at all the… More ▸

  • ADL forgives fashionable anti-Semite John Galliano

    It appears fashion designer John Galliano is out of the dog house. The Anti-Defamation League released a statement over the weekend applauding Galliano’s career recovery, as he begins a new job fashion house Oscar de la Renta. The ADL stated that they believe in a change of heart for Galliano, who was arrested in early 2011 while… More ▸

  • Is Marc Jacobs headed to Dior?

    Marc Jacobs is reportedly in talks to take over at Christian Dior. The House of Dior, perhaps in an act of penance for John Galliano’s anti-Semitic rant that resulted in his being fired as the chief designer of the Parisian brand, is considering the Jewish Jacobs for the open position. Whether or not Jacobs’ very… More ▸