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  • Obama’s speech: The text, the audio, the video

    Here’s the complete audio of Obama’s speech to AIPAC today: $(document).ready(function () {swfobject.embedSWF(“/flash/player_v2.1.swf”,”jtaaudio_999385″,”290″,”27″,”9.0.0″,”/flash/expressInstall.swf”,{audioPath: “”},{wmode: “transparent”});});Flash is required. Video and text after the jump. And here’s the prepared text (please note, this is not an actual transcript): Obama remarks at AIPAC (AS PREPARED for delivery) Remarks at AIPAC Policy Conference Senator Barack Obama June 4, 2008… More ▸

  • Barack Obama (live — and with an Israeli-American flag pin on his lapel)

    10:19 Introduced by supporter and AIPAC board member Lee Rosenberg… as the “presumptive Democratic nominee.” 10:21 He raises the anti-Obama e-mails. “Let me know if you see this guy named Barack Obama, because he seems kind of scary.” 10:22 When I visit AIPAC I am among friends, true friends. 10:22 Obama praises AIPAC’s bottom-up approach,… More ▸

  • Waiting for Obama

    We (Ami, Uri Heilman, Ron Kampeas, a few dozen journalists and thousands of pro-Israel activists) are waiting for Obama’s big AIPAC speech. It’s hard to imagine a more dramatic stage and opportune time for Obama to reach the hawkish-minded Jews who are politically active, more than willing to vote for the right Democrat and aren’t… More ▸

  • Olmert speaks

    Ron Kampeas has a brief up about Ehud Olmert’s speech at the AIPAC policy conference on Tuesday night. Uriel Heilman will have a longer story on Wednesday. My initial impression: The audience response was tepid – not only for Olmert’s pitch for talks with Syria and the Palestinians, but also for the prime minister himself…. More ▸

  • Rice’s AIPAC speech

    Courtesy of AIPAC Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s speech this morning at the AIPAC policy conference is now online. You can listen to the full audio below. $(document).ready(function () {swfobject.embedSWF(“/flash/player_v2.1.swf”,”jtaaudio_999375″,”290″,”27″,”9.0.0″,”/flash/expressInstall.swf”,{audioPath: “”},{wmode: “transparent”});});Flash is required. More audio, including that of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s address and a panel featuring Natan Sharansky, Ruth Gavison, Michael Oren… More ▸

  • Liz Cheney to AIPAC: Problems with Bush administration’s Mideast policy

    Liz Cheney – daughter of V.P. Dick Cheney – fired off a few shots during her appearance today at the AIPAC conference, essentially aimed at her former boss, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and her former boss’ boss, President Bush. Cheney didn’t call either of them out by name, but, among other things, did criticize… More ▸

  • McCain to AIPAC: Obama is bad news

    Courtesy of AIPAC Last week JTA’s Ron Kampeas told you to expect some hard-hitting speeches from the presidential candidates at this week’s AIPAC policy conference. Well, McCain was first up this morning (Obama and Clinton are scheduled for Wednesday), and he took clear aim at Obama. [UPDATE: The National Jewish Democratic Council has issued a… More ▸

  • Does a Wexler balance out a Bonior?

    The Republican Jewish Coalition is jumping on the Obama campaign’s announcement that it will be represented by U.S. Rep. David Bonior – not a favorite of pro-Israel activists – at the DNC meeting in D.C. on Saturday. (John Edwards caught some Jewish flak for tapping Bonior as campaign manager; their response was to stress that… More ▸

  • ADL to Fox News: Ohrdruf was not just a work camp

    The ADL jumps into the fray over what sort of camp Barack Obama’s great uncle helped liberate … May 28, 2008 Mr. David Rhodes Vice President, News FOX News Channel Dear Mr. Rhodes, We have received complaints about, and have seen for ourselves today, the news crawl that states Ohrdruf “was a work camp rather… More ▸

  • What to make of Obama’s concentration camp mix-up

    Jake Tapper of ABC News has the best take I’ve seen so far on Barack Obama’s Auchwitz-Buchenwald mix-up: Obama deserved to be called out on his mistake, but something is off in the GOP/conservative response and the media needs to keep in mind the bigger picture. I am certainly part of the media world that… More ▸