Liz Cheney to AIPAC: Problems with Bush administration’s Mideast policy


Liz Cheney – daughter of V.P. Dick Cheney – fired off a few shots during her appearance today at the AIPAC conference, essentially aimed at her former boss, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and her former boss’ boss, President Bush. Cheney didn’t call either of them out by name, but, among other things, did criticize two major initiatives backed by Bush and Rice: the Palestinian legislative elections that ended up bringing Hamas to power and the current effort to advance the peace process

The Palestinians, Cheney said, are not “ready” to reach an agreement. Making matters worse, she added, this futile pursuit of peace will ultimately draw resources away from confronting Iran.

Rice is slated to speak Tuesday morning. It’ll be interesting to see if she responds.

Video after the jump.

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