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funny or die

  • Watch: Nick Kroll’s contribution to the Thanksgivukkah video trove

    Think Thanksgivukkah would be the perfect premise for a contrived sitcom? Well, just imagine the romantic comedy potential! Nick Kroll did, and although we are currently undergoing a Thanksgivukkah overload so intense  we don’t want to hear about the thing for another 80,000 years, we felt sort of morally obligated to share this Funny or… More ▸

  • Watch: Sarah Silverman’s ‘Black NRA’ promo

    Our favorite raunchy, outspoken, prolific web video-generating comedian is at at again, this time with a fake ad on Funny or Die for a fake new organization,The Black NRA. Silverman joins up with David Alan Grier, Ron Funches, Neal Brennan and more to help “put guns into the hands of those that need them most:… More ▸

  • ‘Jew Girl’ is the new ‘New Girl’ (VIDEO)

    Comedy website “Funny or Die” came out with this Jewish parody for FOX’s hit show “New Girl” starring Zooey Deschanel. The name, is of course, “Jew Girl” and it may be the Jewiest thing you’ll see all week, and it’s only Monday, people! Enjoy. The Jew Girl from Brandon Johnson         More ▸

  • Billy Eichner’s new pop culture game show

    Comedian Billy Eichner, who flouted his stereotypical middle-class Jewish upbringing in Queens in Forest Hills State of Mind, has a new television game show during which he asks folks on the streets of New York questions about pop culture for cash and deep fryers. Sometimes he yells at them, too. “There are a lot of… More ▸

  • A Tale of Two Jewish Wizards

    David Copperfield, the Jewish magician of the 80s and 90s has had enough of the upstart pretensions that other famous wizard, Harry Potter. In this Funny or Die video, he accuses the Boy Who Lived of ripping off his act. David Copperfield vs Harry Potter from David Copperfield Among the spooky similarities between Copperfield and… More ▸