Billy Eichner’s new pop culture game show


Eichner with Rachel Dratch in their Jay-Z parody

Comedian Billy Eichner, who flouted his stereotypical middle-class Jewish upbringing in Queens in Forest Hills State of Mind, has a new television game show during which he asks folks on the streets of New York questions about pop culture for cash and deep fryers. Sometimes he yells at them, too.

“There are a lot of crazy people walking around New York asking for money, but now there’s one you can win money from,” says Eichner in the hilarious promo for his new Funny or Die game show, Billy on the Street, which has just been ordered by Fuse.

Though the promo video clocks in at over eight minutes, well above the attention span of your average Internet procrastinator, I advise you to watch the whole thing. It’s very funny and features more than one feisty old New York lady.

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