Watch: Nick Kroll’s contribution to the Thanksgivukkah video trove


Think Thanksgivukkah would be the perfect premise for a contrived sitcom? Well, just imagine the romantic comedy potential! Nick Kroll did, and although we are currently undergoing a Thanksgivukkah overload so intense  we don’t want to hear about the thing for another 80,000 years, we felt sort of morally obligated to share this Funny or Die number.

In this trailer for “the Thanksgiving/Hanukkah movie we’ve all been waiting for,” Kroll is a guy who (yikes!) doesn’t want his in-laws to know he’s a Jew. How will he possibly manage to celebrate both holidays while keeping everyone in the dark? (Literally — his parents’ Hanukkah shindig is held in a dark room, Marrano style.)

It’s ridiculously stupid, but that’s definitely the point. Bonus: Parental units include Penny Marshall, Fred Melamed and Fred Willard.

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