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  • Commander of Maidanek Will Be Hanged at Public Execution Near Camp Site

    Paul Hofman, German chief of the Maidanek death camp, who was recently sentenced to death by a special court in Lublin, will be hanged publicly at some point near the camp, in accordance with an order issued today by the Minister of Justice. At the same time, it was revealed that Rudolph Kramp, the deputy… More ▸

  • Nazi Who Directed Deportation and Murder of Lodz Jews Doomed by Polish Court

    The vice-commander of the Lodz Ghetto during the German occupation, Rudolphe Kramp, was sentenced to death last Saturday for organizing the deportation and murder of over 200,000 Lodz Jews. Witnesses at the trial charged that kramp personally directed the transfer of Jews from the ghetto to a death camp at Chelmek and looted the property… More ▸

  • 1,000,000 Jews Murdered by Nazis, Gestapo Report Reveals at Nuremberg Trial

    A German secret police report estimating that the Nazis murdered 6,000,000 Jews in Europe was submitted today to the International for Crimes Tribunal, as U.S. prosecutors completed the "Jewish" section of their case. The prosecutors placed before the court an affidavit by Wilhelm Hoettl, assistant to Ernst Kaltenbrunner, who was former Chief of the Nazi… More ▸

  • Anti-semitism Must Be Fought if We Are to Avert New Wars, Youth Parley Told

    Stressing that “it should not be forgotten that fastism started its offensive against democracy by attacking Jews,” M. Stemozyn, a member of the Jewish Socialist Bund, who is attending the World Youth Conference here as a delegate from Poland, told the parley today that “We Jewish Socialists do not say to the world: ‘Save Jews… More ▸

  • Allied Indictment Charges Nazi Leaders with Extermination of 5,700,000 Jews in Europe

    The first public session of the International War Crimes Tribunal opened in Berlin today with the presentation by the Allied prosecutors of a 35,000-word indictment, charging twenty-four top Nazi leaders and the German High Command with various crimes against humanity and placing squarely upon them the guilt for the extermination of 5,700,000 Jews in Europe… More ▸