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  • Offended by Rabbi Amar

    To the Editor: Like thousands of other Masorti Jews living in Israel, I am deeply offended by Rabbi Amar’s comments. Rather than list his inaccuracies (Masorti Jews do follow halachah, for one), I want him to know that while many Masorti Jews living in Israel came from the United States, many also were born in… More ▸

  • Online shul is a ridiculous idea

    To the Editor: Re: "New sites make shul an online-only experience," this has to be the most ridiculous Jewish idea ever. Judaism holds time, space and things to be sacred; all that is defeated when you uplink to an Internet connection to pray. It is not meant to pray Jewishly all at once, all over… More ▸

  • Backing down on ‘rabba’

    To the Editor: It is sad that in the very week of another pioneering JOFA conference, one of the strongest defenders of rights for women in the Orthodox community should have been cowed into submission. Rabbi Weiss, ever a resolute leader, who was prepared to stand up to Soviet authorities when others thought him too… More ▸

  • Female Orthodox scholars helping women talk about sex

    The emergence of yoatzot halachah — women scholars serving as authorities in Jewish law — marks something of a quiet revolution in an Orthodox world dominated by male authorities. It also is enabling women to ask the questions they have about one of the most important areas of Jewish law: sex. More ▸