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  • Worrying about the Jewish state

    There is something of the absurd in the recent flurry of activity in Israel to ensure that it is recognized as a Jewish state. First, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that Israel be recognized by the Palestinians as a Jewish state before any peace talks could take place. He later withdrew the precondition. Then Yisrael… More ▸

  • The Bobovers’ pub

    Regular drinkers in London’s East End have their knickers all in a bunch over the possible sale of a historic local watering hole, the 250-year-old Swan, to a group of Bobover Chasidim who plan to turn it into a shul, the U.K. Evening Standard reports. The pub’s landlady said the prospect of the pub’s closure… More ▸

  • The writing on the wall

    Is Israel headed toward a religiously extremist future? The latest report about growing religious extremism (having nothing to do with nationalism or politics) in Israel comes from, of all places, Abu Dhabi’s The National newspaper: Faced with what they see as the threat of modern culture, sections of the Haredim are demanding a more rigorous… More ▸