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High Holidays

  • Israel warns on High Holidays travel

    The Israeli government has advised Israelis and all Jews to avoid travel to several countries, including Egypt and Turkey, during the High Holidays, a popular time for leisure travel. More ▸

  • What is the Fast of Gedaliah?

    "Jewish holiday" Jeopardy™ question: it’s the first fast day after Rosh Hashanah on the Hebrew calendar. No, not "Yom Kippur." Not even if you phrase it in the form of a question. The correct response is, "What is the Fast of Gedaliah?" [[READMORE]] Tzom Gedaliah is observed on the third of the Jewish month of Tishrei… More ▸

  • About that Rosh Hashanah greeting card…

    I really should have heeded the warning of my local postmaster 85 years ago:  POSTMASTER URGES EARLY MAILING OF ROSH HASHANAH CARDS (published Aug. 19, 1926) Sir: The purpose of this letter is to enlist your aid in the campaign which the postoffice is making to give publicity to the necessity on the part of… More ▸

  • It’s Rosh Hashanah — do you know where your tuchis is?

    The High Holidays are here, and so is shul-shopping, that time-honored ritual whereby Jews who don’t belong to a synagogue — or those unhappy with their current choice — check out congregations they may deign to join. Synagogues know that, which is why some are abandoning their usual high-priced ticket schemes to offer free seats… More ▸

  • What’s a (non-Jewish) dad to do?, run by the indefatigable Ed Case out of Boston, offers a wealth of resources for intermarried families looking to make Jewish choices. Two High Holiday essays on the site are particularly noteworthy. As a non-Jewish man married to an Orthodox woman, Birger Stamperdahl isn’t sure of his role during the High Holidays. Before Passover… More ▸