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  • Is Homeland the answer to peace in the Middle East?

    Is the fictional world of CIA agent Carrie Mathison and US-Marine-turned-Al-Qaeda operative Nicholas Brody the answer to the tension in the Middle East? Yes, according to Many Patinkin. The Jewish actor, better known as Saul Berenson, traveled to Canada this week to do press for the Showtime’s award-winning series, “Homeland,” which is based on an Israeli TV (but you… More ▸

  • Golden Globes: The night of ‘Homeland’ and Lena Dunham

    The 70th Golden Globe Awards (or the “Drunk Oscars,” as I like to call them), took place in Hollywood last night, and like every year, provided some interesting stories and headlines, mostly made by the powerful, successful and funny women of the industry, orchestrated by the hilarious Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. The biggest story didn’t even… More ▸

  • Israeli “Homeland” Creator signs new show with FX

    Gideon Raff, the Israeli creator of the show (Hatufim) upon which Homeland is based, and Homeland’s Howard Gordon have signed with FX to air their new drama, Tyrant, according to the Hollywood Reporter. After a three-way cable bidding war, FX grabbed the upcoming drama, which will be about an “unassuming American family drawn into the… More ▸

  • Lebanon is upset with ‘Homeland’

    Officials in Lebanon are furious with the creators of “Homeland,” after the first few episodes of the award winning drama, which is based on an Israeli show, portrayed Israel’s northern neighbor as a terrorist-flooded unsafe place. Lebanese Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud told the Associated Press that people in the country are extremely upset with the… More ▸

  • ‘Homeland’ completely dominates the Emmys

    Last night’s 64th Primetime Emmy Awards revealed a new reality – the American viewer would much rather be scared by potential terrorists than sexist advertising agencies – as television show “Homeland” grabbed six Emmys and denounced “Mad Men” as the top drama on TV. “Homeland” had a pretty impressive Emmy run, including Outstanding Drama, best… More ▸

  • Gilad Shalit visits ‘Homeland’ taping in Israel

    Since Israel looks a whole lot like all those countries with the terrorists in them, the second season of “Homeland,” the award-winning Showtime show that is based on the Israeli show “Hatufim,” is being filmed there (in Yafo, to be exact). Today the cast (which includes Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin) had a chance to… More ▸