Israeli “Homeland” Creator signs new show with FX


Gideon Raff, the Israeli creator of the show (Hatufim) upon which Homeland is based, and Homeland’s Howard Gordon have signed with FX to air their new drama, Tyrant, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

After a three-way cable bidding war, FX grabbed the upcoming drama, which will be about an “unassuming American family drawn into the workings of a turbulent Middle Eastern nation” — a plot which sounds a lot like Homeland, but, hey, we’re still excited!

“Tyrant is exactly the type of project we aim to do at Fox 21: working with extremely talented writer-creators to create provocative material with big, breakout characters and themes,” said Bert Salke, Fox 21’s president. “This script has excited everyone who’s read it, and it’s particularly gratifying to be back working with FX, with whom we have had such a successful partnership on the fantastic Sons of Anarchy.”

The concept for the new show was created by Raff, who was the soul author of every episode of Hatufim. The show was then taken by Gordon and Craig Wright, television writer best known for Lost and Six Feet Under, and adapted for American television. Raff has already written the pilot, and will stay on as an executive producer.

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