Is Homeland the answer to peace in the Middle East?


Is the fictional world of CIA agent Carrie Mathison and US-Marine-turned-Al-Qaeda operative Nicholas Brody the answer to the tension in the Middle East?

Yes, according to Many Patinkin.

The Jewish actor, better known as Saul Berenson, traveled to Canada this week to do press for the Showtime’s award-winning series, “Homeland,” which is based on an Israeli TV (but you obviously already know that.) When speaking with, Patankin said he believes “Homeland” hold the key to bringing peace to the Middle East.

“This Jewish looking fellow is keeping these two non-Jewish looking creatures together because he feels that they’re the answer to the world’s problems. They both care so much; they have so much empathy towards the human race, even though they are both capable of committing horrific acts of violence,” Patinkin said.

“I don’t condone violence but sometimes it happens, I’m not naive. But Saul Berenson’s preference is to make the world sit at the peace table. Saul Berenson’s preference is to not lift a single weapon, not hurt a single human being but he’s not naive, he’s had to do some horrific things in his life,” he added.

It seems that Patinkin might have forgotten he merely plays a fictional character with a fictional life, but we’ll take notes, Mandy.

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